North Idaho

Steele's new lawsuit claims malpractice by lawyers

BOISE, Idaho - A north Idaho attorney convicted in an unsuccessful murder-for-hire scheme has filed a malpractice lawsuit aimed at the lawyers who represented him in his federal trial.

Sixty-eight-year-old Edgar Steele was convicted in 2011 for hiring a handyman to plant a car bomb to kill Steele's wife and her mother.

Steele is the former attorney for the founder of the Aryan Nations and is serving a 50-year term in prison.

In a lawsuit filed in Ada County, the Idaho Statesman reports that Steele complains his trial defense was impaired specifically by the malpractice of Robert McAllister of Denver.

One month after Steele's conviction, McAllister was disbarred and convicted on fraud charges.

Steele argues McAllister was too clouded and distracted by his own legal problems to be an effective lawyer.