North Idaho

Steele takes appeal to court of public opinion

Edgar Steele appeal

A disgraced North Idaho attorney convicted of trying to hire his handyman to kill his wife is making a multimedia play to prove his innocence.

Edgar Steele is appealing the conviction that sent him to prison for 60 years but he wants the court of public opinion to weigh in first.

This week a video showed up in the mail at the KXLY 4 News studios and at other media outlets across our region. The video is called "Witness to the persecution: The plot to silence Edgar Steele."

In it, Steele offers multiple explanations for his innocence, mainly, though, that the government conspired and set him up because of his past representation of fringe groups like the Aryan Nations.

Steele was accused of paying a handyman, Larry Fairfax, to kill Steele's wife; a pipe bomb was even found under Cyndi Steele's car.

Cyndi Steele, the producer of the video, is standing by her husband as he's now in federal prison.

The video is mostly clips from an exclusive interview KXLY 4 Executive Producer Melissa Luck did with Steele in 2011 when he told Luck this conspiracy against him went all the way to the top of our government.

Luck: "This would take a lot of resources. What makes you so important to them that they would do this?"

Steele: "I've asked that question myself repeatedly. I didn't think I was very important. But they've been taking out the leaders of what we call The Movement in America for years, and they're almost all gone now, either in prison or dead. Now, they're down to the second-tier guys and I'm one of those guys."

Steele is serving his sentence at the Victorville Federal Corrections Center in California. Next week an appeals court will hear oral arguments in his case.