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Solar roads to be installed in Sandpoint Saturday

Solar roads to be installed in Sandpoint Saturday

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Can you imagine driving on glass? That's about to become a reality in Sandpoint.

The first ever solar panel roadway was set to unveil today in Sandpoint. However, the installation is being delayed until tomorrow.

Solar Roadway owners Scott and Julie Brusaw said the delay is due to manufacturing issues and delays with the lamination process--they just needed more time before the very first installation.

As the tent came down to reveal the first ever solar panel walkway, dozens of spectators were disappointed.

But not to worry, the official installation will happen this Saturday.

How do the panels work? It's simple, all you need is the sun and the special tempered solar glass panel that's so tough, it can support the weight of semi trucks.

The installation is 12 years of hard work finally paying off.

Before installing the solar panels in highways, they will first try the panels out on areas like sidewalks and parking lots.

Scott Brusaw says the panels contain LED lights to create lines and signage without paint, and heating elements to prevent snow and ice accumulation.

The glass panels went through several tests and passed with flying colors.

"Your road will take a 250,000 pound truck, which is over three times legal limit, so we passed all those tests," said Scott.

While many critics say it can turn out to be quite pricey for taxpayers, the Brusaws are excited to make a difference.

"We are just excited to show it to the world and we are really happy to have support of Sandpoint and happy to show the first one here" said Julie.

They plan to make the installation at 1 p.m. Saturday near the fountain at Jeff Jones Town Square in Sandpoint.

Until then, you can watch a live web stream here