North Idaho

Small plane crashes short of Pappy Boyington Field

Pilot and son both walked away from crash

Small plane crashes short of Pappy Boyington Field

HAYDEN, Idaho - Two people walked away from a plane crash in Hayden, Idaho Wednesday afternoon with only a couple scratches.

"I was walking my dogs out here in the field," Witness Terry Russo said. "I saw this plane out here getting pretty low, thinking it was too low to get to the airport."

Terry Holeman, 73, and his son Brian Holeman, 23, were flying from Felts Field to their hangar at Pappy Boyington Field when the engine on their plane suddenly quit.

"It kept dropping and dropping and coming right toward us and all of a sudden it hit that tractor and landed where it is now," Russo said.

The yellow float plane, which Terry Holman called "his baby," is broken. He didn't want to talk to KXLY on camera, but luckily both he and his son are alive to tell others.

"His friends tell him that he crashes every time he lands because it's an airplane and meant to be in the air, so when you land it's a controlled crash," Lt. Stuart Miller with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office said. "I said this wasn't very controlled and he agreed."

Terry Holeman, who has been flying since 1960, said he was bummed about his plane, but both he and his son were able to walk away from the mishap.