North Idaho

Sister of Alabama bus driver speaks out about brother's heroism

ATHOL, Idaho - The hostage situation in Alabama is hitting too close to home for one local family.

On Tuesday, a gunman boarded a stopped school bus in Alabama and demanded two children.  The bus driver, Charles Poland, refused to let anyone off his bus.  The gunman, Jimmy Lee Dykes, then shot and killed Poland and kidnaped and five year old autistic boy.

Poland grew up in North Idaho and the majority of his family still lives in the area.

Sister of Alabama bus driver speaks out about brother's heroism

"He has always been my hero and I'm sorry he had to die to prove that to the world, because I've known it all my life," Patti Hook said.

Patti Hook is ten years younger than her brother, Charles.  She said he brother was always a kind, loving man.

With the boy still held captive, Hook said she is praying for the situation to end peacefully.

The gunman, Jimmy Lee Dykes and the boy have been in an underground bunker since Tuesday.  FBI negotiators are trying to

"We would love to send our hearts are with that family and our prayers are with that family.  And then for the whole community to heal.  It's going to be hard but we go through tough stuff and we come out a little stronger," Hook said.