North Idaho

Silver Valley residents searching for missing teen

OSBURN, Idaho - missing teen search vo

Friends, family, and entire towns are searching for a north Idaho teen. 18-year-old Dylan Parker was last seen at a party on Two Mile Road in Osburn on Saturday night.

Dylan Parker's mother Mona Rupp told KXLY she received a text message from her son that asked she meet him at the 76 gas station in town. She showed up, and there was no sign of him. Rupp then searched throughout the night, but still no luck.

"His phone wasn't going straight to voice mail, it just wasn't being answered. It didn't go to voice mail until about four in the morning," Rupp said.

Rupp drove up and down the road towards their home, and she immediately started asking questions around Osburn.

"He just disappeared. Nobody knows anything right now. Nobody's saying (anything), nobody's talking. Somebody's got to know something out there," she said.

Rupp says Dylan was in a great mood that day and night, nothing was out of the ordinary.

"We talked all day long. From 9 o'clock to midnight we probably talked to each other 12 times," she added.

The search for Dylan Parker continued Thursday, with no success. The Osburn Club is kind of a home base for those in town working to find him. People have posted flyers all over town, even in their cars. A Facebook group "Find Dylan Parker" was created to spread the word. It now has more than 5,700 followers.

"I found the house where he was partying at," Rupp said. "They all said the same thing, he called asking for a ride home, said his mom was coming to get him, he was going to start walking."

Deputies are tracking Parker's last cell phone movements and said they are following up new information.

In this tight knit community, Rupp hopes someone knows where her son is.

"If anybody has any information, please, it's been five nights it's time to get him home," she said.

If you know anything or if you've seen Dylan Parker you're asked to call the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office at 208-556-1151.