North Idaho

Scammer targets Rathdrum retiree, steals meds

RATHDRUM, Idaho - The Rathdrum police department wants to alert the community about a scam where a man posing as an alarm company technician stole a woman's prescription medication.

Last week a woman living in a Rathdrum retirement community fell victim to a scam. A man -- posing as an employee of the alarm company Monotronics -- told the woman he was in the area checking her system.


While there he went into the woman's closet and bathroom which she thought was odd; when the scammer left the victim noticed her prescription medication was nowhere in sight.

Even though the scam happened in Rathdrum it's always important for people to be extra cautious when people coming knocking at your door.

Rathdrum Police Chief Kevin Fuhr said they've seen burglars break into homes just for prescription drugs but never in a scam like this. The man didn't have a Monotronics uniform, ID or car. Chief Fuhr said this is a big red flag and a lesson for everyone.

"If it's an unscheduled visit I'd probably ask for some type of identification, make sure they are wearing a uniform, if you aren't comfortable with it all together tell them no, don't let them in," he said.

If you have unwanted prescription drugs you can drop them off at a box at a local law enforcement office near you.