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Sandpoint couple behind viral solar road project

Sandpoint couple behind viral solar road project

A Sandpoint engineer and his wife are behind a social media buzz after word about their solar roadway panels went viral.

When most people want to help prevent global warming they choose to drive electric cars or use LED light bulbs, Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie came up with the idea to develop solar roadways.

Not only are the solar roadways environmentally friendly, Brusaw says they provide an extra means of safety and will boost the economy in many ways.

Brusaw says that to replace a panel it would take less than five minutes, thus keeping traffic clear.

The economic factor alone made the City of Sandpoint want to get on board with the concept.

By next summer, Brusaw said they will have their first prototypes on sidewalks, parking lots and the Amtrak train station platform.

However in order to expand their invention they need money. To raise capital they started an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise $1 Million to hire more engineers to help with production. With around $300,000 in the first week the couple was initially discouraged.

That's about the time that George Takei of Star Trek fame got wind of their invention, spread the word about it and now they have exceeded their initial fundraising goal, having raised more than $1.5 Million to get their concept from the drawing boards to the roadway.