North Idaho

Rain, run off and snow melt hitting Bonner County

Rain, run off and snow melt hitting Bonner County

BONNER COUNTY, Idaho - The rain keeps falling and the calls keep coming in to the Bonner County Administration office as heavy run off and snow melt is causing havoc on the roadways in North Idaho.

Most of Bonner County emergency management director Bob Howard's problems right now are on county roads.

"With frost and mud and plugged culverts and storm water systems that won't drain it builds up water and water goes over the road ways," said Howard.

A backed up culvert caused flooding at the Ponderay Mobile Home Park Sunday. The water is now back down but in other areas of the county some driveways are close to impassible. For now it looks worse than it is.

"Inconvenience and road hazard. There's no major damage," said Howard.

Howard says snow melt will likely happen for the next couple weeks. Streams and rivers will be pushing their banks. The very cold water dangerous for anyone trying to wade across. The same goes for low clearance cars; it's better to find a way around than get stuck or swept down stream, something to watch out for every year around this time.

"We've had lighter years and we've had worse years so this is kind of a moderate," said Howard.

Moderate or light, it's a good idea to play it safe and slow when it comes to water on the roadways.