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Priest River parents panic over teachers' Texas trip

Priest River parents panic over teachers' Texas trip

PRIEST RIVER, Idaho - Priest River parents are anxious after a group of teachers traveled to Texas, raising fears about their children being exposed to Ebola, a baseless concern according to school officials since those staffers never closer than 150 miles from Dallas.

When that group of teachers from Priest River Lamanna High School went to the Lone Star State for a retreat, they were hoping to bring back some tips and knowledge for their students. Now some of those students and their parents fear they brought back something else.

"They should at least keep them down there and quarantine them to see if they have it before bringing them back into school," parent Linda Ramos said.

Ramos said there's no guarantee that the nine staff members don't have Ebola.

"I asked them. I go well, that's doesn't mean they couldn't get it, that it could come up here," she claimed.

Paul Anselmo with the West Bonner County School District says those fears are completely baseless.

"I tried to clear up any of those misconceptions for those people. We were nowhere near Dallas, we didn't fly into Dallas. We were nowhere near the hospital where the sick workers came from," he said.

But just in case, he took some precautions.

"We held the teachers a little longer, delayed their flight about five hours. And in the meantime we contacted the CDC, Panhandle Health District, and the Bonner County Emergency Management Services," he said.

All the organizations gave the teachers the green light to fly home, but some are still leery.

"There was one parent who decided to keep their kids home. We said we would provide work for those students. Assured them that we were very confident there was no issue, but it's their choice," Anselmo said.

All of those teachers who attended the Texas retreat resumed their normal schedules on Monday as was originally planned.