North Idaho

Post Falls teen recovering from attempted abduction

POST FALLS, Idaho - A Post Falls teenager is nursing a bruised face after she narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt last Friday evening.

The suspect saw the teen walking to the library along Spokane Street and asked if she wanted a ride around 6 p.m. Friday.

"It's frightening. It's unnerving," Post Falls resident Colleen Collins said.

Post Falls attempted abduction

According to Captain Greg McLean with the Post Falls Police Department, a green-colored car pulled over and the driver asked the teen if she wanted a ride. When she said no the driver got out of the car and approached her.

"Tried to grab her. Had the car door open tried to put her in the car," McLean said.

The girl fought back and the man punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

"It is really shocking to have something like that happen to a young girl here," Post Falls resident Stephen Populus said.

The teen then ran away and her friend's mother called the police.

"When it's a child it's extra concern because they are not necessarily equipped to defend themselves," Colleen Collins, who works near the intersection of 10th and Spokane Street, where the abduction attempt happened, said.

In the midst of that chaos, the teen was observant. She described the suspect's car as a four door green sedan with dents and scratches on the passenger side. The passenger side mirror was replaced with a vanity mirror and the car had a fuzzy tan interior.

She also took a good look at the man himself.

"Mid to late twenties, skinny build, deep voice and missing three of his upper teeth," Capt. McLean said.

Police say the public's help is very important.  If he's tried this once, he may have done it before and could try it again. Because the area this happened is typically very busy investigators are hoping if anyone saw anything they will report it.

There are three schools nearby and the Post Falls police are talking to the school district about what happened.