North Idaho

Post Falls family shocked by homicide arrest

POST FALLS, Idaho - Revette Street is a much calmer scene today.

"We're still trying to swallow it all," Dawn Doramus said.

Doramus found herself surrounded by law enforcement Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, she learned that a homicide suspect had taken refuge in her home.

"He just all of a sudden showed up after so many years of not even knowing where he was at or talking to him that I knew of," Doramus said.

Doramus said she had no idea that Christopher Olsen was wanted for murder out of Pierce County. The 32-year-old man showed up late Friday night to visit Doramus' daughter, who he used to date.

U.S. Marshals tracked Olsen's black Dodge pick-up truck to the home on Revette Street on Saturday morning. They called Post Falls Police Department to assist in barricading the house. Doramus was sitting on the couch, while her daughter and Chris were across the way.

"She saw the police outside, so she walked back to the bedroom where Chris was and said 'what did you (explicit) did you do?' And he said 'what do you mean,' and she said 'there's cops surrounding my house,' Doramus said. "He threatened her not to go."

Olsen surrendered himself and was arrested without incident. Meanwhile Doramus was still inside. She was notified of the activity in front of her house and went outside to check it out and too was questioned.

"He is a trouble maker, always has been," Doramus said. "I never thought he would commit murder and that's what makes it worse of him being in my house."

While the events may be over, the family said the experience was traumatizing.

"She said, 'Mom, I hope he gets what he deserves.' I said 'He will," Doramus said.

Post Falls Police said that the no one in the family will be charged because evidence shows that they were unaware of Olsen's wanted status.