North Idaho

Police: Man busted for trying to sell stolen '67 Camaro

GARDEN CITY, Idaho - A tip about a stolen Camaro being offered for sale in Garden City led to the arrest of a northern Idaho man on burglary and theft charges.

The Camaro, one of two stolen from David King's condominium in Post Falls last month, was recovered with little damage, King told the Coeur d'Alene Press.

A car collector in Garden City called King on Friday after he was offered a fully restored 1967 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport for $27,500, but "the potential buyer knew something was up because the car is worth at least twice that much," King said.

The collector did some research and found photos online indicating the car was stolen.

Police in Garden City asked the collector to meet with the seller again Saturday. Officers arrested Anthony Bauer, 48, of Post Falls and recovered the black car from an enclosed car trailer in the storage unit.

King said Bauer worked on both of his Camaros about five years ago.

King also is missing a yellow Camaro with black stripes on its hood. Neighbors told him both cars were removed from his garage about 20 minutes apart one night. King estimated the black Camaro was worth $65,000 and the yellow one $45,000.

Bauer's arrest and the subsequent investigation led to the arrests Saturday in Boise of Travis L. Quiring, 37, of Hayden and Sarah M. Cornett, 19, of Post Falls.

In addition to the Camaro, officers recovered a travel trailer that was stolen in Idaho City and a 1997 Ford F-250 stolen from Nampa. Quiring was driving the pickup at the time of his arrest.

Bauer and Quiring each face two counts of burglary and two counts of grand theft by possession. Quiring also faces a felony drug possession charge, and three misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession.

Cornett was booked on two counts of burglary and possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

Quiring was wanted on a $50,000 arrest warrant on two counts of burglary.

Police are working on leads to recover King's yellow Camaro, which may have been sold to a buyer in Montana. Officers said there are conflicting stories about where the car may be.

King said the car collector declined his offer of a $2,500 reward for finding King's car.

"He said he just wants a picture with me in my car when I come to get it," King said.