North Idaho

Police arrest final suspects in Kootenai County burglaries

POST FALLS, Idaho - Police in North Idaho have arrested the final two suspects in a rash of break-ins that terrified dozens of families.

In a one-month period, there were more than 40 daytime burglaries.

Samuel Fetterhoff, 22, turned himself in to the Kootenai County Jail last week. Police said he is one of the main players in the break-ins.

William Fesmire was also arrested in California in connection with the burglaries. He is suspected of stealing from his neighbors in Coeur d'Alene.

Police arrest final suspects in Kootenai County burglaries

Seven suspects have been arrested in connection to the burglaries. Police said it was alert citizens who gave police the big break in this case. According to police, a woman noticed a strange car in her neighborhood. As she was talking to officers after a nearby house was broken into, she spotted the car again. That is how officers eventually tracked down the ringleader of the burglaries.

Police encourage that same vigilance that the woman had. They are encouraging people to set up a Block Watch in their neighborhood.

"The whole purpose is to have people have some sort of pride in their development," said Post Falls Police Department Captain Greg McLean.

Rudy Reiken stepped up and became a Block Watch captain recently.

"(Neighbors) come to me, and say 'We've seen this, seen that. There's been a strange car for a few days'," said Reiken.

If you're interested in starting a Block Watch, call the Post Falls Police Department.