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Pilots flying dozens of shelter dogs out of disaster zone to Idaho

Pilots flying dozens of shelter dogs out of disaster zone to Idaho

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Tens of thousands of people are homeless after historic flooding in Louisiana, and along with them there are many animals who were left stranded during the storms, some of whom are getting a helping paw from the Panhandle Animal Shelter.

On Thursday eight dogs settled into their new temporary home at the Panhandle Animal Shelter after traveling to the Inland Northwest thanks to Dog Is My Co-Pilot.

"When you have a natural disaster you have the shelter animals already in the shelters yet you have these stray animals that really need help," Mandy Evans with the Panhandle Animal Shelter said.

Dog Is My Co-Pilot picks up pups and fly them to shelters across the country that have space for more pets, helping clear out shelters in areas hit hard by natural disasters.

"It's great because they can bring in and relieve the pressure off of the shelters and bring the animals to shelters like ours that have the space," Evans said.

The dogs brought to North Idaho will spend 10 days in quarantine before they are ready to be adopted. Over the past few days nearly 50 dogs have been flown out to shelters across Idaho from Louisiana, all looking for a new home.

"We'll announce when they are ready for adoption and we'll adopt them out into new homes," Evans said.