North Idaho

Not a British joke: Rabbits plague Idaho town

BELLEVUE, Idaho (AP) - The tale about escaped domestic rabbits plaguing a central Idaho town's gardens sounds a bit like something from a Monty Python movie, "The Holy Grail," where a vicious bunny attacks a band of knights.

Ask Bellevue town Marshal Larry Clark.

According to the Idaho Mountain Express, he saw one of the small mammals recently -- and it wasn't merely a harmless little bunny.

According to Clark's observations, "It was bigger than a wild one, and a little darker."

He acknowledges he doesn't have the manpower to catch wayward bunnies.

But Idaho homeowners can use lethal force, to protect property.

Some residents have been conducting evening rabbit patrols, armed with fishing nets and headlights.

Freddie Harris, one inhabitant, noticed a white rabbit on a street corner near her house recently.