North Idaho

North Idaho's weapon against fires

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - As wildfires have been blazing across Washington and Idaho, firefighters in Coeur D'Alene have been working hard to fight back.

The City of Coeur D'Alene has a cache of about 7 millions dollars worth of firefighting tools.

The cache is stocked with everything from personal protective equipment to tents. It's all equipment that is needed to supply firefighters when they battle wildfires.

North Idaho's weapon against fires

"We all work together to send supplies back and forth and make sure everyone has what they need," said Assistant Cache Manage Mac Weaver.

The cache is one of fifteen national supply stations. The supplies from the cache go to places all over the country like California. 

"We've brought on extra people to get supplies back into a condition where we can send it back out to them," said Weaver.

The Coeur D'Alene cache is serving a support role for the Boise supply station. That's where several fires are blazing.

Just as the supply network is connected, so are air quality issues. Ralph Paul, of the Department Of Environmental Quality, is watching fires in Oregon, California and Idaho on a NOAA satelitte image. He says the darker the green is on the satellite, the heavier the smoke.

"Right now we are in the good category. Overnight we've gone into moderate. So it wouldn't take much to go into the unhealthy category," said Paul.

If the air quality issue gets worse in the area, an alert will sound put the fire cache into action. It's just another way the fire cache is protecting our area.