North Idaho

No district-wide support for Coeur d'Alene school dress codes

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - For years Coeur d'Alene school leaders have discussed off and on requiring uniforms across the district. It's already in place in three schools but hasn't gathered enough support to spread beyond that.

Ramsey Elementary, Lakes Magnet Middle School and Sorensen Elementary all have some type of uniform, where kids wear shirts with the school logo on it.

"They make life a little simpler for us parents, that's what the kids are there for education," said Darren Ducote, a parent who has a child attending Ramsey.

"I think that it just unifies the kids. They are not worried about this or that shirt and things like that," mom Kristy Ward said.

School uniforms in Coeur d'Alene

14 other schools don't have any uniforms. District superintendent Hazel Bauman said a concept like this can't move forward without a majority of parents and staff on board.

"You can't implement a uniform policy unless you have the support of the parents and staff in the buildings," said Bauman.

The idea of more schools requiring uniforms has been brought up multiple times. Canfield and Woodland Middle Schools considered it. School board members and principals have shown interest but it never gathered enough support to go district wide.

Now that option is no longer on the table and instead the board will support individual schools interested that can get a thumbs up from enough people.

"Those schools interested in maybe going down the uniform road definitely have the blessing of the board and superintendent," said Bauman.

In the meantime, the staff is enforcing a stricter dress code that addresses modesty, shorts and skirt lengths.

"So the school holds to a higher standard than the street. And we really don't want to bring the street into the school," Bauman said.