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Murder suspect admits to being present at time of homicide

Murder suspect admits to being present at time of homicide

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - The suspect in the murder of Post Falls man, Bo Kirk, admitted to investigators he was there when Kirk was killed.

David Hutto faces murder charges in the death of Kirk. Kirk disappeared on October 22nd and his body was found October 25th in the Hayden Creek area of the Coeur d'Alene National Forest a few days later.

The newly unsealed audio of court testimony reveals that during an interview, Hutto told investigators he knew who was and was not involved in Kirk's murder because he was there when it happened.

During the testimony, Kootenai County Sheriff's Detective Sargeant Ken Lallatin says he asked Hutto if an acquaintance of his had been involved in the murder and Hutto said no.

"I asked Mr. Hutto how he knew this information and he replied, 'because I was there,'" said Lallatin.

Last week prosecutors argued that Kirk's murder was triggered by a road rage incident that led to Hutto kidnapping Kirk. He then shot and killed him.

Prosecutors also argued Hutto attempted to hide what happened by burning Kirk's car.

The recording also reveals that Justin Roy Booth a person of interest in the investigation and Hutto's roommate, spoke with detectives about Hutto's involvement in the murder.

The court testimony was sealed until now for the safety of a second suspect's family as well as law enforcement officers conduction the investigation.