North Idaho

Mullan comes back to life after Lucky Friday Mine reopens

MULLAN, Idaho - The Lucky Friday mine is back up and running, which means a big boost for the Silver Valley. The mine started up production last week, after a series of accidents and two worker deaths prompted a year-long shut-down.

The streets of Mullan are still quiet, but it's for a different reason now. For the last 14 months, it was because everyone was gone. The mine shut down and the miners found work in Nevada and North Dakota, some leaving their families behind. Now the businesses are full of those miners and their families.

Mullan comes back to life after Lucky Friday Mine reopens

"You see more people in town where the attitude is a lot better," said long-time resident Frosty Greenfield. Greenfield's son is just one of many to start working at the mine again this week.

"It's better than Christmas and everything, wrapped up in one holiday for this community," said Mullan school superintendent Robin Stanley. "They'll have more support from the parents because dad will be back in the community, and when the families are no longer broken up it helps the family constellation."

Logan Lively used to make water pumps and ventilation fans for the mine. Now that work has resumed, he's just waiting for a phone call.

"I'm sure I will. I'm one of the best workers there," Lively joked.

The Lucky Friday Mine should be back up and running at full capacity by this July.