North Idaho

Mother of dead teen searching for answers

SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho - By the glow of candles, more than a hundred people gathered on the edge of Spirit Lake Wednesday night to remember the young man who died in the icy water.
Walkers discovered the body of 18-year old Luke Anana-Kuewa Sunday morning.

"He loved life," said Carol-Lynn Kuewa, Luke's mom.

Kuewa and her daughter, Lolisa, organized Wednesday's vigil to keep Luke's memory alive.

"He was an awesome person," said Lolisa Kuewa.

"Would give you the shirt off his back," she said.

Mother of dead teen searching for answers

"Right now the whole town is pretty much just stricken with sadness and overwhelmed with the question of why it happened to such a good kid or any kid for that matter," said Kim Koskimaki, who works at the local gas station in Spirit Lake.

It's been four days since Luke's body was found and his mom said she still has no idea how he ended up in the water.  The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

Even though she doesn't know what happened, Kuewa believes her son wasn't alone when he died.

"I don't care what the story is.  Why couldn't somebody pick up the phone and call 9-1-1?" said Kuewa.

"I just want someone to step up and tell what happened to my brother," said Luke's sister, Lolisa.

To help with funeral expenses a fundraiser is scheduled for May 6th at the Linger Longer Lounge in Spirit Lake.