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McEuen Park construction on track for May grand opening

McEuen Park construction on track for May grand opening

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - It's been a decade in the making, with the last year and a half filled with closures and construction, but there's light at the end of the tunnel for Coeur d'Alene as McEuen Park is set to open in a matter of weeks.

Construction workers shifted over to a seven day schedule back in March to stay on track for the May 24 grand opening.

The park is 20 acres in the middle of Couer d'Alene, so businesses are obviously looking forward to the construction zones giving way to cars, pedestrians and most importantly customers.

"When this street is open we will be for sure busy because when the people who pass here will not have another option," Robson Kallai at Grille From Ipanema said.

"I know there's a lot of customers that are excited about getting up on Tubbs Hill again from both sides. Plus, just the parking alone we'll be nice in and out access," Andrew Pigott and Bakery By The Lake said.

The city anticipates opening the east side of the park on May 2 but city officials say some people are getting a head start on the fun.

"People love the park. They love it, they want to get on it, they're sneaking in and playing on the playground, they cannot wait to get down here and play on the park," Keith Erickson with the City of Coeur d'Alene said.

The east side of the park features basketball and tennis courts, a dog park, playground and mini water park which was just installed Monday.

There's still work to be done on the west side of the park, Erickson said.

"The structures as you can see are mostly done, so right now it's a matter of landscaping, trails, concrete work around Front Avenue," he said.

The city expects that will open more toward mid-May.

That portion of the park includes a pavilion, amphitheater and bathrooms, and the west side is anticipated to be open for use by mid-May with the exception of the bathrooms, which will be ready for use when the playground opens.

On May 24 the city plans to have live bands and food to celebrate McEuen Park's grand opening.