North Idaho

Man wants to know more about his mysterious crash

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man severely injured in a motorcycle crash now needs your help piecing together what happened.

"I can't even put the pieces together on this, it just happened," said Jim Scott

On Aug. 3, Scott was riding his motorcycle back from Worley, ID on Elder Road when he crashed his bike.  He can recall bits and pieces but doesn't remember anything leading up to the crash.

Man wants to know more about his mysterious crash

"Just riding,going into a corner, just one flash of gravel, literally right in front of my helmet, and then being woke up in the middle of the road, everyone saying I'd been hit (and to) calm down...they are helping me," Scott recalled.

A nearby film crew and surgeon driving by stopped to help and called 911.  Scott then woke up at the hospital suffering from a shattered clavicle, road rash, broken ribs, internal injuries and a deep wound on his arm.

Since the crash, Scott has undergone surgery and started physical therapy.  While his wounds heal, his mind won't rest until he knows what happened.

"I don't care if someone tells me I drove off the road. If I could just figure out what happened, what put me in this situation, rather than going 'Ok, did someone hit me? And if someone did, how could someone leave someone laying in the middle of the road and drive off?'" he said

Lt. Stu Miller with the Spokane County Sheriff's Department said as of this week, they have no evidence to prove Scott's crash was a hit-and-run.  Miller also said based off the initial report, there were no other tire marks on the road.  Miller added the crash is still under investigation.

"If it could help me sleep a little bit better knowing that, OK, I made the mistake, fine.  If I find out someone else did, fine," said Scott

"If someone else did hit me, it's got to be driving them nuts," he said.