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Kids share verdicts in KXLY Annual Toy Test

SPOKANE, Wash. - Can you believe the holiday season is here? You know what that means: It's time to shop, and time for the results to the KXLY Annual Toy Test.

This year KXLY teamed up with Figpickels Toy Emporium in Coeur d'Alene with a new tradition at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. Out of 200 applications, 12 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 12, from around the Inland Northwest were chosen to be a part of the coveted toy testing team.

"I wanted to be a toy tester because I wanted to play with these toys and bring people good things from Santa," 5-year-old toy tester Brock Due said.

Toy Test Review

Their only job was to put these toys to the test and rate them 1 to 5. One being the worst, five the best.

"When you look at every toy you are like wow!" 12-year-old toy tester Dakotah Andrews said.

"Well of course I started over at the action rubber band guns," 10-year-old toy tester Jakob Peterson said.

There were tons of guns and gadgets for Jakob and the gang to play with but the AK-47 Rubber Band Gun seemed to be the favorite. All the kids also wanted to play with the EZ Roller, but the only problem was that it wasn't that easy to ride on the carpet.

"It's kind of hard you have got to keep pushing your legs back and forth," 10-year-old toy tester Megan Corette said.

If you want your ride to be a bit more fun, it's probably best to take the EZ Roller outside.

Kids like Megan enjoy a challenge and that's why she loved playing with the Perplexus Epic.

"It's like a maze, you have to get from front to start, it's really challenging," Megan said.

It's not very challenging to play with the Emerson Karaoke Player. Dakotah was the only one to get in front of the mic. He liked all the song options but wasn't completely sold on the gadget.

"I think a bigger screen and better audio would be a lot better," Dakotah said.

As for the stocking stuff, the toy testers loved Rocket Balloons. A pack of balloons costs about $10. You inflate the balloon, let it go and watch it swirl in the air.

We've talked toys, so now it's time to talk about shopping secrets this season.

  • Tip One: Get creative! Kids like unique toys that they can play with to expand their minds.
  • Tip Two: Action! Action! Action! Kids love to work out their pent up energy!
  • Tip Three: Just have fun!

Don't let holiday shopping stress you out this year; follow these simple tips and you'll do terrific.