North Idaho

Investigators recover $40K in stolen goods in Sandpoint

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Investigators have recovered $40,000 in stolen goods in Bonner County, where they're being assisted in recovering those items from several of the people suspected of stealing the property.

Bonner County Sheriff's detective Gary Johnston said that in two weeks time burglars targeted people in and around Sandpoint.

"There were four wheelers, chainsaws, an entire safe guns," Johnston said.

In one case, for the second time in six months someone broke into Cedar Hills Church, making a getaway with quite a lot of loot.

Bonner County burglaries vo

"You feel like you are going to throw up you feel violated. They smashed in a back window and forced their way into locked offices," Alysa McLaughlin with Cedar Hills Church said.

The thieves went so far as to take a safe with over $7,000 in funds donated to the church.

"They took a lot of electronic equipment took our laptops, our backup hard drives," McLaughlin said.

But it looks like the crime spree is coming to an end with investigators eyeing five people, and three out of those five are not in custody but are helping investigators find the stolen goods, realizing the gig is up.

The other two are already behind bars on an unrelated sex offense charge.

Investigators have recovered around $40,000 worth of stolen goods stashed in a shed in Sandpoint and on Thursday victims were able to take a look at pictures and see if anything looks familiar.

"We were thrilled absolutely thrilled. Five years of my work is sitting in that laptop and by back up hard drive," McLaughlin said.

Despite the physical damage and the havoc, Cedar Hills Church has a message for the criminals.

"We forgive you," McLaughlin said.

None of the suspects have been charged for the break-ins yet because the investigation is ongoing.