North Idaho

Idaho liquor stores see spike in sales

POST FALLS, Idaho - As liquor prices have gone up in Washington, Idaho liquor stores said they've seen a spike in sales.

On June 1, Washington's liquor sales became privatized, causing prices to rise.  However, in that same month, two Post Falls liquor stores saw a 58 percent increase in sales.

"We're just coming over here because it's cheaper," said customer John Hartz.

Idaho liquor stores see spike in sales

Since the start of Washington's privatization, the Idaho Liquor Division started watching sales in stores near the Washington-Idaho border. The Division found in areas near Moscow a 33 percent spike in sales. The boost in sales wasn't as big in areas like Rathdrum and Lewiston.

People who drive across the border said the commute is worth it. Customers said they can save as much as $13 per trip.