North Idaho

Idaho family mourns loss of dog caught in hunting trap

POST FALLS, Idaho - 24171260

A Post Fall's family is warning fellow pet owners to watch out for traps in wooded areas after their two-year-old dog fell victim to one on Sunday.

"I looked over and my dog was just spazzing and there was this huge metal contraption on his head," owner Sarah Miller said.

The metal contraption is what killed Loyal, the family's Pitbull/Great Dane mix. Owner Miller said she and her family were walking along Old River Road in the Kellogg hills when they heard a loud yelp. Seconds later they saw Loyal struggling to breathe.

"We were helpless and my son just stood there and watched the whole thing," Miller said. "It was horrible, I mean it was the worst thing I've ever seen an animal go through."

Miller said that loyal went after the trap's bait and died less than a minute after its jaws clamped around his neck. The Department of Fish and Wildlife said that it is called a conibear trap and is normally used under water to harvest beaver. They add it is legal to set out on land however, it's highly discouraged because of events like these.

"He wasn't just a dog, he was our family," Miller said.