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Hundreds face layoffs at Liberty Lake call center

LIBERTY LAKE, Washington - 21253438

More than 500 employees could be out of a job after major layoffs were announced at Center Partners call center in Liberty Lake.

Employees say they believe Capital One is to blame. Capital One was the main client of the call center and just canceled their contract.

"I saw all the Facebook posts from people who work here, fellow employees, about how we're all getting laid off, we're all getting fired. I've got to find a new job," said Center Partners employee Andrew Codd.

Workers who have been at the company for more than 18 months were told they would keep their jobs, but that didn't appear to stop some people from calling it quits anyway.

"People have already quit," said employee Lucy Miller. "We've had a lot of people not come in today. It's making it hard for those who are still here, than know they might not have a job in November."

The COO of Center Partners was unavailable for comment, but a written statement from the company reads: "Center Partners is currently restructuring to meet changing business needs. The restructure requires a reduction in staff which was communicated internally on 7/29/13. Further changes are not anticipated. The business remains vibrant with strong results projected for the remainder of 2013 and a strong outlook for 2014."

Center Partners has additional locations in Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene, but it's unclear if there will be room for the workers in Liberty Lake.