North Idaho

Hiring our Heroes helps local vets find jobs

POST FALLS, Idaho - A job fair held at the Post Falls National Guard Armory Wednesday had a simple goal: Put local veterans in the same room with 40 local businesses to help them find jobs.

For all they've been through and the training they've received, veterans like Chad Salter can handle a job fair.

"You're at ease because you know, the people are here to help you," Salter said of the 'Hiring Our Heroes' event.

Hiring our Heroes

Salter is from Colville and served six years in the Army, then later worked for the Spokane VA Medical Center for two years. Now, two weeks away from finishing his Masters in business, Salter is on the job hunt again.

"We're easy to train. You think about a veteran, they're hard chargers. They're there early in the morning, they're there late at night," Salter said.

The introductions made at the job fair were provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce event 'Hiring Our Heroes.' According to the program, since March 2011 it's helped more than 100,000 military veterans and their spouses get hired across the country.

"Our veterans have a lot of really great skills, and over the last ten years because so many of them have combat experience. Our veterans can think on their feet. They're used to situations where they have to find a solution," event organizer Teri Sackman said.

Local companies like Huntwood Industries have stepped up. They make custom cabinets, and are looking to fill all types of jobs.

"We like to be able to help the community. We've got a lot of people coming back that we'd like to see if we can find work for them," Huntwood employee Kelley Goodman said.

We'll have to wait and see if Chad Salter lands a job, but by wearing the uniform for six years, employers know he's skilled, willing, and prepared for challenges in the workplace.

"It's a good feeling to know they're here to support us," Salter said.

If you are a veteran looking for work or a better job and couldn't make it to the event, you can visit for job resources.