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Hayden woman's encounter with lightning caught on camera

Hayden woman's encounter with lightning caught on camera

HAYDEN, Idaho - A Hayden woman says she was struck by lightning, and the whole thing caught on camera by her daughter.

As severe weather moved in Tuesday night, CC Weske and Stephanie Rey grabbed their cameras and headed outside.

Just after 6:30 pm, Weske began taking a Snap Chat of the sky, her mom steps into the frame and a bolt of lighting followed by a loud bang lights up sky.

"I was like, 'Oh something is about to happen,' that's why I was filming it," Weske said. "Then just all of the sudden, it just literally everything lit up and it sounded like a gun went off."

"I screamed my phone flew out of my hand and I really wasn't sure what happened," Rey said. "I was like expletive, I think I just got hit by lightning and so we just took off running."

The pair are thankful that no one was hurt. Rey says she felt a bit of a tingle several hours after and is glad nothing worse happened.

"Very, very thankful," Rey said . "Even though we are joking about it and funny or what ever but very creepy."