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Graphic video shows fatal deputy-involved crash

Graphic video shows fatal deputy-involved crash

HAYDEN, Idaho - Graphic video shows the last moments of a woman's life as she's hit and killed by a Kootenai County Sheriff's deputy.

Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Amber Viuhkola, 38, was struck and killed by Deputy Andrew Nye, 33, in Hayden, Idaho.

Newly obtained surveillance video shows the deadly incident.

"I need medical. I just struck a person southbound 95 at Lacey," is heard on the recording of the police scanner traffic on the night of the call.

You can hear a person screaming in the background of that recording.

Video of the tragic incident was captured by a security camera at Atlas Automotive at on the corner of Miles and Highway 95.

In the video, you can see the woman walking next to a vehicle as it crosses Highway 95. That vehicle drives off, then seconds later the woman is hit and thrown in the air.

Minutes later, dispatch reports she isn't breathing.

Idaho State Police said Viuhkola died at the scene.

We're told Viuhkola was at Razzles Bar and Grille about a block away sometime before the incident. It's still not clear why she was walking next to a vehicle or who the driver of that vehicle was.

Shortly after Viuhkola is hit, video shows emergency vehicles and bystanders arriving on scene.

A memorial now sits where she landed near the intersection.

Idaho State Police is now in charge of the investigation, including whether or not Deputy Nye was responding to a call at the time of the incident. They're asking anyone who saw the crash to give them a call at 208-209-8730.