North Idaho

Grandma Zula's dishes out dinner to community

POST FALLS, Idaho - While many people celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones at home, Grandma Zula's, a Post Falls restaurant, gave thanks by serving up a free home cooked meal and good company to everyone that stopped by.

Grandma Zula's kitchen has been buzzing for the last week, preparing a Thanksgiving meal for up to 800 people.

"There are a lot of people that don't have maybe don't have food on their table or maybe just don't have family to spend Thanksgiving with. We thought we could be their surrogate family," Grandma Zula's owner Cari Turnbough said.

Grandma Zulas

Turnbough wanted to spend the day dishing out pie, mashed potatoes and turkey because it's her way of saying thanks. This Thanksgiving extravaganza is a way for Grandma Zula's to say thank you  to the community. They're celebrating being open for one year this weekend.

At 11 a.m. the doors opened and hungry visitors sat down to be served a steaming plates of food, with some showing up in support of the restaurant they love and to spend the morning with friends.

"I've asked other friends in other states and they've never heard of such gratitude. It's our valley right here," Donna June said.

"Actually I came out to be with the gang," Jim Weigel said.

Whatever the reason, if Cari's visitors leave with full stomachs and empty plates, she'll go home happy that this is how she spent the day being thankful.

"I think I'm going to call this good," she said.