North Idaho

Deputies warn of phone scams in north Idaho

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of phone scams being received in the north Idaho area.

Victims receive a call from a scammer claiming to be their grandson or granddaughter from the phone number (223) 921-3741. They claim they are being held in court because of their involvement in an auto accident in or near Salt Lake City, UT. The scammer also provides the victim with a phony case number and states their lawyer will be calling you.

Victims then receive a second call from a person claiming to be the lawyer, using the name "Wayne Spencer" from Legal Aid Salt Lake City, usually from the phone number (920) 659-6219 out of Appleton, WI. The scam attorney will request you send money for your grandson or granddaughter's release at 200 E. 3rd Street Salt Lake City Court House. If the scammer is asked why he is calling from Wisconsin instead of Utah, he states he's using his private phone.

The sheriff's office say to ensure you don't become a victim of this or any other scams, try to verify the caller's information by:

  •  Calling and talking with your grandson or granddaughter.
  • If unable to talk to your grandchild, call other relatives to see if they know where your grandchild is and if they could be in Salt Lake City. 

  • Conduct a computer check on the above telephone numbers and the name of the individuals calling.

  • Call the agency or jurisdiction where your grandchild states they are in custody.

The sheriff's office says there's another scam making the rounds where you receive a phone call where a caller or recording states that are the IRS. The scammer says that you should immediately call them regarding a lawsuit the IRS will be filing against you and/or a possible arrest warrant being issued for you. 

The caller or recording will provide a telephone number for you to call. The sheriff's office says do not call that number. It is a scam.

Victims have also received calls from people claiming they are employed by the IRS asking for personal information to include your name, address and Social Security number. This is also another scam. 

Deputies say the IRS will not initially call you. If there is an issue with your taxes, they will send you a letter first. 

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