North Idaho

Deer poaching cause for concern in Dalton Gardens

DALTON GARDENS, Idaho - A growing number of deer poaching incidents in the town of Dalton Gardens has the Idaho Department of Fish and Game on alert.

The town has about 23-hundred people in it, and a seemingly endless number of deer. Ron and Bev Noble have called Dalton Gardens home since 1976 and say the town has a love/hate relationship with the animals.

"You have the people that feel sorry for them, so they feed it. Then you have those next door who are mad at them for feeding the deer," Bev said while laughing.

Deer poaching cause for concern in Dalton Gardens

But in recent weeks, things have taken a turn for the worse. Fish and Game says between February 8 and 15, eight deer were shot and killed in Dalton Gardens.

"We are very concerned about the safety aspects," Officer Phil Cooper said, "As well as the ethical aspects of people killing the deer and laying them out."

If caught, the deer poachers could be in some serious trouble. It's a misdemeanor to kill a deer in the city limits, and violators could spend six months in jail.

To try and find a way to live with the deer, the Noble's say they spend some serious dough to build a fence around their one-acre property.

"If you're going to have a garden, or anything live growing, they eat your shrubs," Bev explained. "We hate to see the deer die, but they are such a menace."

Fish and Game are asking anyone with information about the recent deer poaching to please contact them.