North Idaho

Dashcam video from deadly Lookout Pass shooting released

COUER D'ALENE, Idaho - Dashcam footage ISP Lookout Pass shooting

Dashboard camera video is helping explain what led to a deadly officer-involved shooting near Lookout Pass at the Idaho-Montana border.

The shooting happened June 12. Alexander Mandarino, 26, was shot and killed when deputies say he failed to drop a pistol.

The deputy and trooper involved were doing a welfare check on Mandarino as he sat inside his car in a pulloff area off I-90. Shoshone County Deputy Adam Durflinger arrived first, checking the license plates.

"Sir, how's it going? Everything alright, you just sleeping?" Deputy Durfligner said to Mandarino around 11:08 that morning.

Durflinger found out the plates didn't match the car. Mandarino said the car belongs to a friend, but he couldn't explain the mix-up. At that point, ISP Trooper Todd McDevitt arrived to assist.

Mandarino was questioned for nearly 40 minutes. At one point they ask him to step over to the patrol car, but instead, he climbed back into the car. Trooper McDevitt saw Mandarino reach for a pistol inside. They repeatedly ask him to get out, and to drop it. He didn't. 

"Dude, you let go of that pistol right now," Trooper McDevitt says on the video. "Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let that pistol go!" a gunshot followed hitting Mandarino. The men performed C.P.R. on Mandarino for nearly 15 minutes before paramedics arrived. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The shooting was ruled to be justified by the Shoshone County Prosecutor. Both the deputy and trooper involved in the shooting are now back at work.