North Idaho

Crews try to keep up with snow in N. Idaho

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - In the Lake City, crews were trying to keep up with Mother Nature all day.
They first plowed the roads at 4:30 a.m. Then they had to re-plow because the snow was coming down so fast.

Driver were faced with a tricky commute, navigating slick spots and packed down snow.

From 10 p.m. Sunday over the next 12 hours, the sheriff's office received 15 accident calls. As they were giving KXLY the information, they said make that 16, there was another accident on Ironwood.

Crews try to keep up with snow in N. Idaho

Intersections became ice rinks. Even though they were cleared and treated, the road would turn white again in no time. The exhaust from cars was forming ice, which meant it was slick for drivers.

By the afternoon the roads seemed to be clearing up. Crews were planning to move into neighborhoods in the evening.

"Our goal is by 4, when we turn it over to our night shift, they will not have to concentrate on any arterial collectors but rather get into these neighborhoods so we can help people get out," said Tim Martin with the street department.

Even with predictions of rain, the roads still have to be plowed because the snow has been packed down.

Martin says there are no parking restrictions but if you hear a snow plow coming try to stay clear of it.