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CDA tree vandals caught on camera

CDA tree vandals caught on camera

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Businesses in Coeur d'Alene are upset with a group of men vandalizing the area. They've been caught on camera ripping up plants and even trying to pull a tree out of the ground.

Crossfit Coeur d'Alene posted surveillance video of the vandalism on YouTube. In it, a group of men are seen walking down 4th St. One grabs onto a tree, seemingly trying to pull it out of the ground, while another guy records it on his cellphone.

Marla Lopez, owner of Coeur d'Alene Fresh, says she thinks the group turned the corner and did this to potted plants in front of her shop.

"Just sad," Lopez said. "We planted some beautiful plants that everybody can enjoy and we may now have to take them inside every night, hopefully not. I don't know. Hopefully we won't have this happen again."

The owner of Crossfit Coeur d'Alene says three trees by his business have been killed and the city is too beautiful to let this kind of thing happen. He filed a police report.

One man who saw the video recognized one of the men as one of his employees. He says he's going to make his employee turn himself in.

If you recognize any of the men in the video, let police know.