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CDA man alive, safe after deadly avalanche kills 12 on Mount Everest

CDA man alive, safe after deadly avalanche kills 12 on Mount Everest

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Pete Erbland is a climbing junkie, he has been preparing for the clime of his life for months.

"He's been climbing over 10 years and he's been really almost just obsessed with Everest, it's the top of his list of things to do in his life," said Tiffany Erbland, Pete's wife.  

On Friday Pete saw first hand the block of ice come crashing down the mountain.  

"He said that they saw the chunk of ice like a city block big, just fall off and crash down," said Tiffany Erbland 

Tiffany received a call around 1:30am her time, when her husband broke the news to her. 

"He was definitely upset, shocked, just glad to be safe, but it was as he said shell shocked. They all were," said Tiffany Erbland. 

Pete left the Coeur d'Alene at the end of March and won't be returning until May. In the time he has been there he has grown exceptionally close to his own Sherpa. He told Tiffany many of the Sherpa were friends and family, and everyone is grieving. 

"What he had told me about the Sherpa people before just how warm and wonderful they are and hard working," said Tiffany Erbland.

As of now the future of the climb is unclear, Pete told Tiffany if it happens it won't be for at least another few weeks.

"Unfortunately for his close friends and family I'm sure he definitely will want to continue with the clime. We want him to achieve his goal, But we're concerned about his safety," said Tiffany Erbland.