North Idaho

Car d'Lane attracts large crowd

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Car d'Lane attracts large crowd

Nothing beats Coeur d'Alene in the summertime and Saturday was no exception.

Thousands of people hit up Sherman Avenue for the annual Car d'Lane Car Show.
From Corvettes to Cruisers, Car d'Lane had just about every car you can imagine and with every car comes a story.
"We have a 51 Nash, super, 2-door sedan," Bob Sorensen said.
It's been a six year labor of love for Sorensen, but the story begins decades before.

"I have to start when I was 17," Sorensen said. That's when Sorensen was driving his father's '51 Nash to Central Valley High School.

"Which made me the leading geek because like today there's a lot of 44s and 32 Coupes and Model A's," Sorensen said.

Then one day after school, he was going for a cruise with the '51 Nash when something happened.

"The tire blew and came right off the wheel and pulled me right over into a field. It had been raining a lot and was muddy so the car sunk right to the ground," Sorensen said.

This gave him an idea to someday own a car that sits almost to the ground. Years later he found a '51 Nash on eBay and spiffed it up to his liking with it sitting just to the ground.

"I thought this is destiny, this is fate, I'm going to build one more car and here it is," Sorensen said.