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Boundary Dam prepared to offer stunning tours

Boundary Dam prepared to offer stunning tours

METALINE FALLS, Wash. - It's the time of year when a lot of people are headed outside, and with a few snow capped peaks still melting off this late in the season the Pend Oreille river is putting on quite the show and Boundary Dam near Metaline Falls.

The dam is an impressive engineering feat, towering 340 feet from the bedrock. Right now because of the heavy water flow both spill gates are open, creating two waterfalls that combine halfway down.

The dam also offers a tour of their operating facilities, carved right into the side of the mountain. Be prepared for a look at the dam's history, and a view of the huge cavern where the six massive generators produce more than a third of the electricity used by Seattle.

"When people go inside they'll be able to walk into one of the entrances, which is like walking into a cave," said Terry Borden with Seattle City Light.

The forest surrounding the dam offers it's own activity options, with fishing, boating and popular campgrounds.

"It beats the heck out of watching television," said outdoor enthusiast Wayne Hitchcock. "You better get up here early on Friday morning otherwise you might not get a spot."

Boundary Dam tours are open Thursday through Monday.