North Idaho

Bonner County declares disaster for flooding

SANDPOINT, Idaho - With creeks running high north of Ponderay, near Hope and in Clark Fork, Bonner County is under a disaster declaration.

It took four days of rain to overwhelm the Carter Creek culvert; it took just one hour to wash away part of Denton Road near Hope, Idaho.

"I came down around 9 a.m. There was water running there, this whole area filled up," Bruce Bishop said.

Denton Road is the scene of a battle between pavement and rushing water where the rushing water won.

"It made it's own path and was washing over the top of the paved roadway," Bob Howard with Bonner County Emergency Management said.


On Thursday the creek receded, leaving a relatively dry and clear picture of $15,000 in damage the county will have to fix.

Emergency management got the call Wednesday morning about the flooding at Denton Road. Within a half hour they got another call of more flooding near Clark Fork.

"As of yesterday East Spring Creek Road was covered in water, the creek was just overwhelmed," Howard said.

It was the same story at Grouse Creek north of Ponderay, forcing commissioners to declare a disaster. Flooding even washed away part of the east Hope water system. The city came up with a temporary solution to keep water flowing into the city. .

And it appears the rain -- and potential damage -- isn't over yet.

"We have prediction of a lot more rain in the next three or four days. I'm not sure what that's going to bring," Howard said.

It's been a rough year for Bonner County. They're already dealing with around $450,000 worth of damage from the last flood, including the Cocolalla Loop wash out.