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Bo Kirk's family honors his memory with scholarship

Bo Kirk's family honors his memory...

BONNER COUNTY, Idaho - Eight months after Bo Kirk's life was cut short in a road rage incident, his family is still dealing with the aftermath.

“I still have the days when it takes my breath away, where I still can't believe it happened...but more often than not, every time I think about my brother, I can't help but smile, and laugh,” said Claudia Jackson, Bo Kirk's sister.

And Jackson wants to make sure those memories never fade, for anyone.

“It's kind of keeping him alive for everybody,” said Jackson. “Just that spirit, you know, the way he touched people, the way he impacted people.”

So, Jackson created the Bo Kirk Memorial Scholarship fund, to be given out at the end of each school year.
Claudia and her brother Bo both went to Priest River High School. That's why one lucky senior at the school will be receiving a scholarship in his honor. But Jackson isn't focusing in on GPA for the criteria. Instead, she wants to see students who live by the same ideals as her brother.

“What I really want to see is the whole pay it forward, community service, that type of thing,” said Jackson. “So those are going to be the students that actually stick out to me.”

Now, the foundation will be raising money to award that student, beginning with the Bo Kirk Memorial Golf Tournament in September. It will be held at the Ranch Club Golf Course in Priest River, where Kirk's love of the game first began.

“He played here with his grandfather probably 3 days a week, 4 days a week, and they had a great relationship and it was always fun to watch them play,” said Dennis Napier, owner of the golf course.

The Ranch Club couldn't turn down the opportunity to honor a man who grew up mastering the sport on their course, and help keep his legacy alive.

“It's a big deal to us, you know, because he is kind of part of the Ranch Club. This is a community business, a community golf course, and he was somebody that came up in the community,” said Napier.

Teams can participate for $160, and enjoy beer, pizza, and prizes.