North Idaho

Avista finishes work on Post Falls South Channel Dam

POST FALLS, Idaho - Avista Utilities has completed its two-year project to upgrade the Post Falls South Channel Dam in time for the spring runoff.

Construction began two years ago March with the placement of a cofferdam upstream so crews could drain water from the space between that and the dam so they could begin working down on the riverbed, lowering heavy equipment down in front of the dam to help aid with its refurbishment.

Over the next two years crews worked on the deteriorated face of the dam, which was originally built more than a century ago in 1906, rebuilding the face of the dam, removing old and installing new spillway gates.

Construction was wrapped up over this last winter and Avista removed the cofferdam and restored the shoreline.

Watch a timelapse video of the project below.

Post Falls Dam timelapse video