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Avista continues construction work on Post Falls dam

Avista continues construction work on Post Falls dam

POST FALLS, Idaho - A series of dams along the Spokane River help Avista store and manage water and one of them in Post Falls is in the process of getting a major makeover.

Over the years, the dams in Post Falls have provided power to Silver Valley mining operations and later diverted water for irrigation to fruit orchards that once covered most of the Spokane valley.

Now the oldest of those dams is getting renovated in a year-long, $13 Million project.

In order to get to the dam to conduct the renovation, Avista had to build a coffer dam in front of the dam to keep the water at bay.

"That is in essence serving as a temporary dam and then the water between the coffer dam and the dam itself is drained so he workers can get down into the riverbed, which hasn't been seen in well over a hundred years," Debbie Simock with Avista said.

Construction will be wrapped up on the dam in July, and then work will start on landscaping and a new scenic overlook so visitors can appreciate all the engineering efforts that go into harnessing the power of water.

Post Falls Dam timelapse video