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Accused child molester allowed to live 50 feet away from victims

Accused child molester allowed to live 50 feet away from victims

POST FALLS, Idaho - An accused child molester in Post Falls is being allowed to live across the street from his alleged victims and the children's mom is outraged by the judge's leniency.

Harry Meador, 82, is charged with three felony counts of sexual abuse of a child. He's accused of molesting the woman's three daughters who are all under the age of 10.

Meador is being allowed to live just feet away from the girls he's accused of abusing.

"He seemed to be a great man, my kids became very close to (him) instantly," their mother said.

Their mother said in the beginning Meador was like a grandpa to her kids.

"It hurts to know he would do this and I don't understand it," the victims' mother said.

Meador was arrested last Friday; in court Monday his bail was set at $50,000.

"It hurt bad and knowing the detective had talked to the judge, and explained to him, please try the recommended six figures, and make it harder for him as well and then he still granted it," the victims' mother said.

"That's relatively high for some cases but for sex offenses they seem to be higher," Post Falls police Detective Dave Beck said.

Meador quickly paid the $5,000 needed to bond out of jail. Beck said that's not usually the case.

"More times than not a bond is set high enough where the suspect or alleged offender has difficulty bonding out," he said.

So for now he's free to live in his own home, across from his alleged victims, until this case goes to trial.

"I'm pretty sure he was across the street today, he came over with two of his family members, opened the blinds," the victims' mother said.

It's standard in Kootenai County if a suspect bonds out of jail he or she still has to remain at least 300 feet away from the alleged victim. But in this case, since they live so close, it would mean Meador would have to move. It's what prosecutors and the mother of the three girls wanted but the judge ruled Meador only had to be just 50 feet away from his alleged victims, meaning he can live in his home if he chooses.

"He's caused them all this pain and hurt and he's not getting anything, they have told me it's going to be a year of trial," the victims' mother said.

The Post Falls Police Department is still investigating the case. When asked if there could be more potential victims, they said they could be conducting more interviews. The judge who presided over Meador's court appearance did not return calls for comment on his ruling.