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Nine busted in Spokane County stolen property raids

Nine busted in Spokane County stolen property raids

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Spokane County Sheriff's deputies conducting a search warrant to retrieve thousands of dollars worth of stolen property discovered a 12-year-old child showing signs of abuse at one of the residences.

The homes were located on North Calvin Road and the 4500 block of East Longfellow Avenue and the search warrants were executed by detectives, Spokane Valley Police deputies and the SWAT team County as a result of a weeks-long investigation.

Stolen property was seized from the two homes, including items such as power tools and high end electronics. At one of the locations, as deputies were arriving, one suspect was spotted bolting from the residence with an armful of stolen electronics.

"One of the folks that we have detained was actually running out the back door with a handful of stolen electronics," Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

Deputies say the two homes were connected to multiple burglaries in Spokane Valley. During the raid police seized thousands of dollars in stolen property.

"This is their little criminal enterprise and all they do is keep victimizing nice people like the people in this neighborhood," said Chamberlin.

The property is already being returned to burglary victims like Stephen Whitacre.

"They did a lot of damage getting into the house and you really feel violated," Whitacre said.

Whitacre wasn't the only one collecting stolen property and won't be the last.

"They have done fantastic job of tracking these guys down and starting the recovery process," said Whitacre.

Detectives also discovered a 12-year-old boy inside the home on North Calvin with signs of abuse. They said the boy's father would bring him to the home from North Idaho for 'discipline' from the home's resident.

"There's evidence that he physically assaulted this boy multiple times," said Chamberlin.

That man could now face abuse charges along with burglary charges. The boy's father could also be facing charges.

In all nine people were taken into custody during the two raids Tuesday morning.