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New movie being shot in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new movie is shooting in Spokane this month. It's written by and stars Spokane actors and features the unlikely friendship between two boys.

The abandoned Pratt Elementary was the set for Sunday's filming of "Different Drummers." The movie is based on the true life experiences of Lyle Hatcher and his friendship with David Dahlke, who had muscular dystrophy. Hatcher co-wrote the book and screenplay with Don Caron.

"Back in 1965, David and I met in the fourth grade, and I was a bit of a hyper-problem and the teachers and principal were trying to slow me down," Hatcher said. "At that time, I met my best friend in a wheelchair."video

The movie takes you through Lyle's and David's time at school. It will be rated "G" and is a coming of age tale.

The scene shot Sunday morning was the boys interaction on the playground with the janitor.

"About four scenes take place on the playground in the movie. It's scenes were our two boys are in it, our janitor Mr. Merrick...and then we've got about a 140 or so extras from first grade to sixth grade that have come today to be a part of these playground scenes," Producer Marc Dahlstrom said.

While the extras filled the gym, other production crews and actors filled the playground. All for a film story, Hatcher says will fill your heart.

"We need a hero. A real one. Not one with a cape that we make up, but somebody who lived a life unique. It was a short life, but it was a life that is worth remembering," Hatcher said. "We'll try to make sure Spokane sees it first."

Filming will take 22 days over a period of six weeks. It's expected to be released within a year.