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New bill regulates THC production

New bill regulates THC production

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new bill passed by lawmakers will help make your neighborhood safer.

 The bill focuses on hash oil, a highly concentrated liquid form of THC, the part of pot that makes you feel high. While some oil may sound harmless, the process to make it is anything but.

 Last December, a Spokane man allegedly tried to make the oil in his car. Police say when he lit a cigarette, the car burst into flames, burning the man and his daughter.

Then, on January 31st, an apartment exploded because a person was allegedly using butane to make hash oil

 "We were extremely fortunate in this case that nobody was killed," said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

KXLY spoke to a medical marijuana dispensary owner who says he only buys from Seattle-area manufacturers dedicated to safely making hash oil.

 "We don't take any donations from vendors who come in and have randomly made the stuff in their kitchen," said Joseph Corcoran, owner of Cured Collective. Corcoran said patients use the oil for extended pain relief.

 "It lasts anywhere from four to 12 hours versus a shorter effect when you're smoking it," Corcoran explained.

Others use it to get high faster, and it's more discreet to ingest the oil, compared to smoking pot the traditional way.

This week, the legislature passed a bill allowing state licensed processors to sell this oil to each other. It allows people who specialize in extracting the oil to sell it to people who bake pot-infused products. The hope is that people will turn to stores and professionals instead of trying it themselves.

"If this was done in an apartment building and there's an explosion in an apartment building it could be really bad, so yes safety is a big issue," said Representative Kevin Parker.

The bill will be incorporated into I-502 and become part of the new pot law.