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National Voter Registration Day hopes to increase voter turnout

National Voter Registration Day hopes to increase voter turnout

SPOKANE, Wash. - The presidential candidates faced off on Monday in the first of three debates. So, are you ready to cast your vote?

Tuesday marked the official National Voter Registration Day, a day "dedicated to getting people across the country registered to vote," according to the National Voter Registration Day website.

Events were held all over the country and in our area to get people registered, including in Cheney, Ritzville, and Sandpoint.

If you missed the events, and are not registered to vote, here's what you need to know about voter registration.

According to the National Voter Registration Day website, 6 million people didn't vote in 2008 because they missed a registration deadline or didn't know how to register.

If you want to register by mail or online, the deadline for Washington is October 10.

You can also register in person at your county elections office. That deadline is Monday, October 31.

Washington is a vote-by-mail state. Ballots must be dropped off at a drop box or the county clerk office at 8 p.m. on Election Day.

To register online, you'll need either a current Washington state driver license or ID card.

In Idaho, the last day to pre-register to vote is October 14, but you can also register at the polls on election day by providing proof of residence and a photo ID.

Not sure if you're registered or if your registration is up to date?

You can visit the Washington Secretary of State's website (https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/) to check your registration status, and to register online. You may need to update your registration if you recently moved or changed your name.

A section called "My Vote" will walk you through your voter registration details, voting history, voter guide, and drop box locations.

Election day is November 8. Washington ballots will be mailed out on October 21.

Idaho residents must go to their polling place on Election Day to vote, or turn in an absentee ballot by Election Day.