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Murder victim remembered as friendly, helpful neighbor

Murder victim remembered as friendly, helpful neighbor

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Neighbors tell KXLY the victim was a kind man who kept to himself.

The neighbors we talked to said they are shocked this happened in their neighborhood, and feel very sad for the family.

Yesterday started like any other morning for Lori Sullivan, who lives two houses down from the victim.

"I left the house at 5:30 this morning and the neighborhood was quiet," she told KXLY on Tuesday, "so I had no suspicions."

Less than two hours later, her neighbor Huynh Bui was found dead in his home.

"I found out about it just when I was leaving work there was a murder basically next door to me," she said.

Lori says Huynh was a kind neighbor.

"Very quiet, always kept to himself," she said. "[He had an] immaculate yard, did a lot of amazing upgrades to his back property."

Lori says Huynh worked with her to get a locked mailbox for the neighborhood.

She, and other neighbors, tell KXLY the family mostly kept to themselves, but Huynh was always friendly.

"Everybody, when you see something like that, you see a police line of tape, you wonder how serious it was," said Jim Bittner, who lives down the block, "so it was pretty shocking really."

Bittner explained although he didn't know the family, he is sad to think of what they are going through. He said he is a bit relieved to learn the homicide was not random.

"Sad for the people," he said, "but I feel a little bit relieved that somebody possibly [was] not out there just killing somebody. A little bit of relief, but sad."

Lori said people in the neighborhood watch out for each other.

"We all keep our eyes on each other," she said. "We always peak out and know everybody's comings and goings... You get new neighbors in the neighborhood and you go and introduce yourself. It's a nice neighborhood."

Bui-Nguyen is being held on $1,000,000 bond in Seattle, and will soon be sent back to Spokane County.